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Bankruptcy Records Retrieval Database

Complete File

Complete File - $35

The Complete File includes all documents filed in the bankruptcy case, by the Trustee, or the representing Attorney.  The Complete Bankruptcy File can include:
Voluntary Petition
List of Creditors  
Schedules A-J
Amendments to Schedules (if any)
Reaffirmation agreement's (if any)
Lien Avoidance (if any)
Discharge or Dismissal
Final Decree (if any)
Trustees Final Report (only applies to Ch 13)
Prices are quoted for personal bankruptcy files, filed after 2004. 

Business or Corporation filings must be ordered by calling the U.S. Records, Service Center at (800) 833-2924 9 A.M.- 5 P.M. M-F (excluding legal holidays). You can call to get a page count prior to ordering the bankruptcy file. Note that the bankruptcy file contains 
Adversary cases, they will need to be ordered separate.